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Richard Hale and I took my classes on a field trip to the Microsoft offices here in Cleveland for a SQL server event.  They gave us lunch at the event.  It was nice to see the Microsoft facilities but I was not overly impressed with the presentation itself.  The content was a little too technical for the students and some things were too complex for Richard and me to understand.  They showed a few charts without explaining the data which gave the impression that the data was not very supportive of their claims or that it was not very accurate.  The event did show the students the importance of knowing their acronyms and that there is a lot out there that they do not know.  It helped us all get a little more comfortable with SQL Server 2005 and that is certainly a good thing.  I am not sorry that I attended the event because it let us all get out of the classroom for a while which excited everyone.  Thanks Microsoft!I am looking into events for my night class to attend since this even took place during the morning class hours.  I am thinking of attending one of the local user groups since they usually meet around 6:00 PM.  I just need to find the right one and get approval from the college.

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