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I always try to promote free programs if I can.  When I have a need, I usually check online for free/open source projects before looking at commercial software.  Over the weekend I was using Vista and as I explored the synchronization features, I noticed that it really was lacking for my needs.  I frequently use a lot of files and I need them to be fully in multiple places at one time even when I am not connected to my network.  Offline files and folders can work but only for files you have opened and it has a limited number of files that it will cache.
I work with files that I may not have accessed for years but I still want them available.  For this, I am using a program called Allways Sync.  This program will let you set up a local folder and a shared folder to synchronize.  You can set it to sync changes on both ends or just to replicate one way.  It can operate on a schedule or when files are changed.  It only supports 2 way synchronization but I have a 3 way sync set up by using 2 2-way syncs.  The program is fast and so far it has lived up to my tests.  I replicated and synchronized over 100,000 files over the weekend constituting more than 20 GB of data and it worked fine.  I do have one problem with it.  I wish I could set it to operate on the schedule unless I am using the machine at that moment.  If I am using the machine, I want it to wait until the CPU is in an idle state.  I will email Allways Sync about that.  The other nice thing about freeware/open source is that the programmer usually is open to suggestions.

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