Apple Displays with built in cameras

Apple recently patented a display that includes thousands of tiny image sensors that will allow the screen to act as a camera.  This will allow the user to look at the screen as images are taken and will change the way I see people in instant messaging conversations where the person always looks like they are staring above or below us depending on the position of their camera. 


The battery on my digital camera does not last all that long. I
really like the camera. I bought it a few years ago so that I could
take it everywhere in Japan. It is a 4MP camera that is tiny. I
priced a new battery and they cost $100 so I decided just to get a new
camera. I bought the Nikon Coolpix S4. It is a swivel camera like my
current one. It is a little larger and I hope it fits comfortably in
my pocket. It is 6 MP and it has a better lense and zoom than my
Kyocera. It also came on the recommendation of Richard. It was
supposed to arrive yesterday but I tracked it to the Westlake UPS
office. I am waiting for it to arrive today. I want to snap a few
pictures with it.