Cyber Forensics: Collecting evidence for todayÔÇÖs data breaches | NEO ISACA

NEO ISACA has monthly meetings, and its membership here is primarily IT Auditors, with a number of IT Security Professionals from companies based in and around Cleveland. At each meeting, we get together to discuss a variety of pertinent IT topics, with a speaker leading the discussion.  This month I will be leading the discussion on cyber forensics.

Many forensic techniques focus on obtaining data from local machines, servers or data storage equipment but evidence for modern attacks often resides in many places and the techniques for obtaining this data go beyond those used in the typical forensic investigation.  In this presentation, ISACA members will learn about:

  • Detecting intrusions
  • Network evidence
  • Attack pattern analysis
  • Statistical flow analysis
  • Traffic analysis

View the ISACA event.

Computer Forensics: First Responder Training

Timothy Opsitnick, Senior Partner,  John Liptak, Forensic Investigator and I explained the role of computer forensics and the first responder to an incident in this training session.  Contents included:

  • Understanding Computing Environments
  • Collecting Electronically Stored Information
  • Forensic Analysis Demonstration
  • Types of Cases When Forensics Are Useful