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Cybercriminals extorted about one billion dollars from ransomware victims last year, according to the FBI. And nearly all of those perpetrators went unprosecuted because of the innovative methods they use to protect their identities and hide their funds. They go to great lengths to keep authorities from seizing or freezing their money. By and large, their efforts have paid off. Here’s how they do it: Hidden identities, disposable email Extortionists protect their identities whenever interacting with victims. This generally occurs when they distribute ransomware, and when they collect ransom payments…

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Bruce Schneier has created a block cypher cryptanalysis study guide that you can download for free from his web site. It is mainly a list of resources that you can use if you want to know about a variety of cryptography related subjects. Block Cypher Cryptanalysis study guide
MC Plus+ has created a rap about cryptography.  It mentions encryption algorithms such as DES, AES, Blowfish, RSA, SHA-1, and the example used in Practical Cryptography with Alice and  Bob sending a message back and forth. Cryptography Rap