Safe computing in a digital world | The Union Club

It is a dangerous world out there in cyberspace with organizations losing corporate secrets or private customer data almost daily.┬á Protecting yourself, however, doesnÔÇÖt have to be difficult and neither should it be left to those in IT.┬á The keys to safe computing in a digital world can be yours.

The event will be presentation, and question and answer.

The value to attend is to learn how to secure the privacy of your information that is routinely exchanged and stored digitally.  Cybersecurity is in the news.  Even President Obama discussed it in the State of the Union Address in February.

Kobata to the Rescue: No more conflicts with the Internet install and the Shinkansen

I talked to Kobata and he was able to get the NTT installers to come a little earlier. I got out of work at 1:00 and I am going to head back to the apartment soon. I should be able to barely make it in time. This should allow enough time for me to get to Shin Osaka station in time to catch the Shinkansen.

I can catch one of two trains to Okayama. One is named Nozomi. That is the same name as a friend of mine. I am going to give Mayumi a call when I get to Shin Osaka so she will know when to pick me up at the Okayama station. After today, I will probably not update the blog till Sunday night because I am not sure if I will use the Internet where I am staying in Okayama.

NTT will only provide Internet access to computers whose manufacturer has a service center in Japan. It was a good thing that I brought both my Mac and PC because my PC does not have a service center here. NTT hooked up my Mac and then I figured I would configure the PC later. I am very glad that I bought the Macintosh and decided to bring it here because otherwise I would be without an Internet connection at all.

My DSL connection uses PPPoE (Point to Point over Ethernet) with proprietary software to connect to the Internet. Because of this, I was unable to get my PC hooked up directly.

Instead, I tried to share the connection by using a wireless network. I configured Internet sharing on the mac and then tried to connect using the PC. However, I am using the first version of Mac OSX and it does not integrate well with PCs. I could not get the PC to connect properly.

This is a problem because I was planning on communicating via voice and video with everyone back home. The MSN messenger for Mac does not support video and voice. I downloaded a version of Skype for Mac but it requires MacOS 10.3 and I am running the old version. I did find out that the new version of AIM supports video in both Windows XP and for apple iChat 2.1. I have to check my iChat version but I may be able to communicate that way. Still, there is one more problem. My Creative Webcam Notebook does not have drivers for MacOS so I will probably have to buy another camera that does have support.

Just so everyone knows, I am working on finding a solution to the problem. Hopefully I will be communicating easily soon after I get back.

Internet in Japan…Finally

NTT will set up my Internet tomorrow at 2:00. I wish they could set it up today. It is going to be tough for me because I have to leave on the Shinkansen tomorrow. If it takes too long, Alexander will watch the rest of it and then lock my room for me. I hope it does not come to that. I will not really be online till Sunday night when I get back from Okayama.

Blazing Internet speeds are almost here

Last night I tried the various wireless networks around my area but I could not get a decent connection all night. I wasted too much time walking from place to place and I finally gave up.

I got a letter in the mail saying that NTT (Nihon Telephone and Telegraph) will set up my Internet connection some time between Thursday and Saturday. I need to be there when they set it up. They asked me to reply with the days listed in order of convenience. I told them that I would be out of town on Friday and Saturday so Thursday was the only convenient day. I hope they come to set it up. It will be really nice to finally have a connection. I know that everyone has been eager to talk to me on MSN and AIM and I have been too. I am looking forward to some nice voice and video conversations.

Update on Japan – Internet here we come

I went to the Internet connection meeting last night. It was a long meeting. Here is what is going to happen. They will be installing the connections this month and I might be able to get access by the end of the month. We have to rent the modem and they have to come and check out PC because they will only make a contract with a person who has a computer that was manufactured by a company that has a service center in Japan. It will be rather expensive. It will be about $60/month but the first month will be free. Our speed will be 100MBps. (really fast) Thats the good news. So anyway, I hope to be online by the end of the month or the beginning of next month.