Is staying safe online possible?

I was asked a question on Twitter today. The question was, “Is staying safe online possible?” This is a great […]

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Upgrade your Phone to a Skype Phone

Skype now allows you to make calls from your PC to phones located in the US and Canada for free. […]

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Kobata to the Rescue: No more conflicts with the Internet install and the Shinkansen

I talked to Kobata and he was able to get the NTT (Nihon Telephone and Telegraph) installers to come a […]

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Internet in Japan…Finally

NTT will set up my Internet tomorrow at 2:00. I wish they could set it up today. It is going […]

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Blazing Internet speeds are almost here

Last night I tried the various wireless networks around my area but I could not get a decent connection all […]

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Japan Broadband

Japanese Broadband Internet 100Mbps

I went to the Internet connection meeting last night. It was a long meeting. Here is what is going to […]

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Costing for Internet Companies

The Internet changes everything it touches and touches almost everything.  Worldwide e-commerce revenues are expected to reach $2.7 trillion.  $721 […]

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