Mac Viruses

Apple’s recent ads talk about how there are no viruses written for
Mac. That statement is not entirely true. Viruses are released for
Mac. in 2005, 143 viruses targeted Macintosh computers. Compare this
with the 150,000 written for PCs and it does not sound bad but the
statement is still incorrect. By the way, if you want to view the new
Macintosh ads, go here.

Mac Mini

I bought a Mac mini a few weeks ago. I have had my eyes on one for
quite some time. I love it that they are so small. I have it hooked
up to my 23" Apple Cinema display. I found out soon after I purchased
it that it really needs RAM. I got one of the new Intel machines.
Some of the software I use has not yet been optimized for the Intel
core so it runs in emulation mode. This slows some programs down.
One program specifically, Firefox, does not yet have an Intel version.
They do have an Intel beta that I hear is not too bad.

I bought 2GB of RAM for it but it did not work in the machine. I had
to send the RAM back and I am still waiting for replacement sticks to
arrive. The machine runs a little slow with only 512MB of RAM in it.
I was dissapointed that the new Intel Mac Mini uses shared video
memory. The old G4 mac mini models did not use shared memory. This
reduces my main memory and I just wonder how good it really is. Apple
says it is great because the system memory is DDR2 running at 667MHz.
I have not had any problems with it but I haven’t really played any
games or anything on it.

I had to get one of those white keyboards to go with the mac mini
because they look sweet. I also wanted to have the special mac keys.
I was going to sell my G4 cube to Richard but he did not buy it so I
guess I really did not need a new keyboard. I had a mac keyboard with
the G4 cube. Oh well. The cube still runs fine and it has Tiger on
it so I will use it someday or find someone who wants to buy it.

Mac Handwriter

Last week I picked up a Mac Handwriter. It is a tablet for the mac
but it is quite old. I did not have the stylus but I was told the one
from my other tablet would work. It uses PS/2 ports so I had to get
an adapter for it. The tablet was $3.00 at Goodwill and the adapter
was $4.00 on eBay.

I guess I will know in a few days if it will work or not.

For some reason, most foreigners bring Macs to Japan

It is really interesting to see how many people have macs here. Macintosh computers are really popular among the foreign ex patriots, students and teachers. I figured after I met the first one that I would not meet many more but there are actually a number of people living in my apartment complex who brought macs with them rather than PCs. One of my students saw that I had a mac and asked me if Macs were more popular than PCs in the US because he noticed so many people from the US with Macs. I told him that they only made up about 2-3% of computer sales and that I was just as confused about it as he is.

I was sad because gmail does not support the old version of Safari (the web browser for mac) and the new version of Safari requires a newer version of the Macintosh operating system. Internet Explorer: Mac is not supported either. I heard that Mozilla Firefox supported gmail but I wondered if the Mac version did so I downloaded it and tried it last night. Sure enough, it worked just find and now I can check my gmail account using wireless networks near my building. The latest version of firefox is rather nice too. It has tabbed browsing. This is where multiple browsing windows can be condensed to a series of tabs at the top of the program. It was a feature that made me use the Opera browser for a while. You can even get mouse gestures another feature I liked in Opera through a download-able extension. I think I may switch to firefox on my PC too. *Justin: you might want to try it out.* Click to download it for PC. DOWNLOAD If you decide to use firefox and want to get the RSS for this blog, go to the Bookmarks menu and select ‘Manage Bookmarks’. Under the ‘File Menu’, select ‘New Live Bookmark’. Create a name for the Live Bookmark and add the URL specified in this old blog entry.

I see that iPods are getting popular here too. The most popular thing is still the MiniDisk. I see everyone carrying a minidisk and listening to them on the train but following MD in far second is the iPod. I went to the apple store in Osaka over the weekend and it was really nice. It is a large metal building that looks like one of their machines with a large glowing white apple on the side. Like most places here, the building is many levels but it is very classy with glass staircases and nice lighting with plenty of sales associates. They have an area with bean bags where you can try apple machines on the second floor. I found that I could buy apple software in English too. I really want to upgrade my operating system but everything was very expensive so I did not get the software. I will need to shop on eBay or something if I ever want to upgrade.