The purpose of art

In considering art, you only know what you like according to what you know. The history of art is also the history of ideas, which are dynamically changing through time.  I started asking myself some questions about what art can do and here were some of my answers.

  1. expression of consciousness
  2. visual expression
  3. documenting truth (record keeping)
  4. commemorate event
  5. documenting experiences
  6. communication
  7. propaganda
  8. enhance religious ritual

So how does this concept of art shape the emerging art of the digital world?

About The Author

Eric Vanderburg

Eric Vanderburg is an author, thought leader, and consultant. He serves as the Vice President of Cybersecurity at TCDI and Vice Chairman of the board at TechMin. He is best known for his insight on cybersecurity, privacy, data protection, and storage. Eric is a continual learner who has earned over 40 technology and security certifications. He has a strong desire to share technology insights with the community. Eric is the author of several books and he frequently writes articles for magazines, journals, and other publications.

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