Today is my last day teaching at Remington College.  I was asked not to tell the students until today.  It is sad leaving because I really enjoy what I do but I need to work in a place where I can grow more.  Starting Monday, I will be working for Jurinnov as their Senior Network Engineer.  This job involves more responsibility and I precieve it to be quite a challenge.  Jurinnov does computer forensics and data discovery for litigation.  I am quite excited about the opportunity.  I am also excited about the possibility to travel since the company is global.  I will also be working downtown.  I have never worked in the city before.  All my previous jobs have been in the burbs or in small towns like Kent.  This will be another new experience for me.  I have to admit that I am a little nervous as well.I will not be leaving teaching completely.  I am an Adjunct Professor at LCCC (Lorain County Community College).  I went to the orientation last night where I met a few of my new co-workers.  I will be teaching a Saturday class this semester.  My schedule will be a little busier but I believe it is worth it.  With both jobs I will be able to still teach but also grow as an engineer.

6 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. You are growing so much after you be a single.
    Now I understand "I" was not enough the person.
    If I could be elever and had enough skill, everything was OK.
    I wanted to see you if I had a nice skill.
    I was always anger, I felt always sad, i felt always very fool and i was always busy.
    I met a teacher who has taucht English for more than 30 years.
    She is one of professional English teacher.
    I was with her in April. I could understand everything and her, too.
    Then i understood that I could not understand almost at all then they mixed up you and me, too.
    If i was be in US. I should speak more and more from the beginning, but I knew that it was impossible to me. My score did not improve after I went back. I wanted you to understand, but at first, I had should tryied you to understand my feeling and my skills.
    You will get everything what you want by your knowledge and skills and power and so on.
    I could not let you know my feeling "ÔùïÔùïÔùïÔùï", then you said I must find another.
    I let felt like that, so after all, I could not undersand USA. i could not grow.
    I really did not have money. My asthma was very serious and i really entered in the hospital at that time, you let me knew.
    The everything was over, but I really would go to US after I quited my job, and i would talk with you face to face. just I got asthma very quictly.. I did not expected IT was the next day of the day when I quited my job. I met my teacher with my asthma. so I entered the hospital. then I could not move to US for a long time or forever..depend on goverment.
    You have nice life now so that i could not help about money really.
    our renovation was for your family. It does not mean used too much money.
    it showed how much my family wanted to welcome you and your family.
    That is all.
    so i could not ask I want to get money from my family.
    Also it was really. I could not get a job as soon as I enter there.
    by government.
    Also only my teacher will help me about the job in Ohio.
    so I was and am not the person who can live in another country.
    I was just child or junior highschool children, but I had to be a normal adult if I wanted to be with you.
    I searched about something Tube. now I know it.
    and  then,  you refused to send E-mail to your friend Ian. but I wanted.
    I wanted you to asked me before you answered to him.
    I can not talk face to face, but I might talk with him on the mail.
    He is one of smart person, too. so He would be irritated, but I wanted to know about him because he is a best friend to you.
    Anyway, everything was over.
    and you did not let me know, but your birthday gift from me ,,,,I took all day long to get that one.
    I asked with my best friend and she has her family. and I had job at that time. so It was late.
    i e-mailed exactly May 8th, here, but I just forgot the time was early here. but you were very angry about it. I was very sad. I was late up to send that mail.
    and I sent a card exactly. sertainly. but really sometimes the cared did not reach to you.
    I sent some times,,,,it did not when only anniversary. i really sent some times.
    THere are not nice card here like there so I wrote a letter.
    However, I did not here about the letter from you. and you said you did not get.
    so really my mail did not reach there.
    so my mail was realy small and only one or few to you.
    but no….
    I do not think you will read this from here, and you do not want to understand at all.
    Anyway, conglaturations on our new job and your life and your future.
    you will be growup.
    I wanted your family to love me from the beginning, but your mom said AFTER.
    so it was disappointed and afraid to me, and my family was just sad.
    everyone thinks because of different culture, but I do not think.
    just they did not like me, because I was not be like American and I could not improve at all, and i coudl not help you to live. I must terrible to them and you, too.
    so I was just the person who could not do anything. just I made my family and friends sad, and just I got disappointed by myself, and I felt your family just bad,
    i could not do anything so just I Òâ╗Òâ╗Òâ╗Òâ╗ you.
    I could not do anything.
    To loan, you had to return to your family, but I could not help. It was exactly.
    so i could not agree to have a house. becaue I could not help.
    Of course, if I could work with visa, I would work, and my teacher helped me about it.
    I was not make sure what your family do for Me, not for you.
    so I felt they did not love me even if you so. so I thought that I was not good to you.
    I did not blame them, but I thought so.
    You will get a nice pertner what you hope, and you will have more nice job when you will be my age.
    i will be a Japanese teacher to foigners as a volanteer. It was my max skills. I can not be a professional.
    I told you that I want to be a Japanese teacher there. It did not change at all forever.
    I did not threw my dream and I do not give up my dream very easily.
    I know that it was difficult for you to understand Japanese, but also it was hard for me to grow up my skills, too here.
    To be together is the most important. i wanted to do when I went back.
    but I needed to go home once a year, so that I started working 5 days after I went back here.
    I wanted to live with your fmaily for a while then I could work, or I could be there with comfortable.
    your family and you were only the people who I trust really because the family is important here. too.
    These do not mean anything. To write is just wast the time maybe .
    but sometimes, after few months or more…. the person may be able to understand.
    I still has asthma and another ill. I took 11 kinds of tablets each time.
    I wanted to go Kent with you once more. It was the most thing what i wante to do.
    It was the place where I met you.
    student center.
    you feel maybe just bad.
    Good luck.

  2. You will be happy, you will get happiness and wealth by yourself.
    It is the most thing to you that you will be able to be like your father.
    One more thing, To cancel IS not easy.
    Everyone says to me that I must not say anything to you forever, like your friends or co-worker said.
    so I did and i followed that words.
    You may get new person already.
    I cannot do like that. I will be quiet, just quiet.

  3. You got and you are getting what you want ant need
    It shows how much you give priority to your dreams or futures and goals and status and so on more than me.

  4. I made my first blog following your space.
    It was so hard for me to make, but my friend visited me today. That was my first visiter/
    It made me happy.
    However, still it is not easy for me to make this.
    I hope I can make nice one like you.

  5. This is a right one.
    I made my first blog following your space.
    It was so hard for me to make, but my friend visited my space today. That was my first visiter.
    It made me happy.
    However, still it is not easy for me to make this.
    I hope I can make nice one like you.

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