Upcoming Articles and Presentations

There are quite a few upcoming things on the agenda. My article
"Implementation to Instruction ÔÇô Is teaching next in your career" will
be published in the June 2007 issue of Certification Magazine. This
article is on how IT professionals can move into a teaching career. I
am currently working on the next publication titled "Up to Date –
Earning the Certs the Market Demands" for the September issue. I will
be interviewing Lisa Spieth, president of LSRCS, on the certifications
that are most valuable in the market today.

Shinbokucon will be held on April 29. I will be presenting on "The
Culture and Impact of Groups in Japanese Society". The discussion
will center around how groups are such an essential and often
misinterpreted part of Japanese culture. I will also talk about how
groups have shaped the culture I see today and give some insight on
how to understand the Japanese group perspective.

I appreciate any feedback you may have on my articles once they are
published. Also, if you are able to make it to Shinbokucon, please
look up my presentation. I am available to chat in person afterwards
and the event should be fun.

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