Domain Schema Sequence Numbers

I have not posted in a while because things have been so busy.  I think I will change the direction of the blog a little and start posting about the things I do at work without going into specifics, of course, because of my confidentiality agreement.
Lately I have been working on a problem with outlook web access.  My firefox clients can connect in without problems but IE clients stall at the loading screen.  The problems happened after I installed a new domain controller.  I tracked down problems with replication between the domain controllers on the schema partition and I have a problem with the unique sequence numbers not being the same on all DCs because of another backup process that restores active directory on the first domain controller.  This will disable inbound and outbound replication so that the USNs are not replicated.  I have not identified the backup process yet.  I may change permissions because it seems to run on an account that usually does not have access to the systemroot.  I found the successful backup entries in the logs for ntds being backed up.  I think that I will be able to move forward on the OWA problem once the replication problem is fixed.

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