Zero day exploits for sale at bargain prices

Earlier this month I introduced the sale of zero-day exploits. The Zero-day exploit trade is a new market; increasingly becoming larger each day, giving hackers an incentive to exchange perfectly legal, but secretive zero-day exploited information for a substantially greater commission than if they were to report the flaws or take on consulting positions.

ForbesÔÇÖ estimated price list of zero-day exploits ranges from $5,000 – $250,000.┬á Pricing is based on the complexity, modernization, and how widely the target software is used.┬á Interestingly enough, Apple’s IOS falls in the highest price range.

It is clear that vulnerabilities carry a high price tag and many countries and hacker groups would like to purchase them.┬á To keep yourself safe, don’t rely only on a vendor’s security.┬á Create multiple layers of defense and audit activity on your equipment.

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